This page is used as a repository of documents you might find useful during your time in LCH and in your everyday job.


Important documents

Contract Rules updated Feb 18 - PDF2

jdf-exception reporting-leaflet (24/10/17) - Find out how and where to log in, and who to contact if you have any questions or need help

Escalation of medical staffing concerns in Leeds Children's Hospital SOP (updated: 10/10/2017)

SOP for Important Events - Junior Doctors - SOP regulating Important Life and Professional Events for doctors on 2016 Junior Doctors' Contract.

Watcher list SOP (updated: 23/11/2017) - Read the SOP how to populate the Watcher list and who should be doing it every day

Guidance on Shifts and Breaks (Sep 2017)

Well-being resources 30/05/18

Learning plans

Learning plans are documents designed to help trainees improve their training experience in their respective clinical areas across Leeds Children's Hospital.

You can find all the learning plans by clicking on the Learning Plans project page.

Shift swap recommendation leaflets

You can find leaflets that will help guide you in finding a swap under the new 2016 junior doctors contract. Find your rota-specific leaflet according to your clinical area by clicking on Shift Swap Facilitation Project page.