Teaching and Training Workgroup

This workgroup has been founded to improve training experience and use the most of the teaching opportunities in the hospital. Several projects have been or are currently running in this workgroup.


Learning plans

Learning plans are documents designed to lead trainees through their posts in terms of minimal learning and skills objectives. They are intended to be customisable, used at regular supervision meetings and may serve as a basis for personal development plans.

The plans have been created for most clinical areas in LCH and these can be found on G: drive and in our Documents repository. Learning plans for remaining clinical areas are currently under review and will be published here once approved.


LCH Teaching Calendar

We have also created a joint LCH Teaching Calendar, making regular teaching opportunities more available to all the trainees throughout the hospital.


Future projects

Further projects in the teaching and training areas are underway, mostly focusing on establishing paediatric specialty protected teaching time.


Teaching and Training Workgroup is always open to new ideas, suggestions and members, so please do not hesitate to contact us on our email.