Exit Interviews Project

According to the RCPCH, an estimated 3.6% of trainees leave the training scheme each year.

In 2011, they interviewed 15 doctors and identified a few common themes with a wide spread of reasons given for leaving paediatric training scheme.

At the Junior Doctors’ Forum, concerns were raised about morale and staff retention at LTHT. This led to an initiative to try and understand reasons why junior doctors were leaving paediatric training. In collaboration with the LTHT management, JDF is conducting exit interviews with junior doctors who have left paediatric training in the last 3 years. We hope to complete data collection by the end of July 2017 and write a report based on major themes identified through quantitative analysis.

In long term, we hope that exit interviews will be adopted as routine practice and that findings from this project will help develop strategies to support trainees and improve retention of paediatric workforce at Leeds Children’s Hospital.