Welcome to M-PATHY!

We recognise that training in Paediatrics can be challenging in many ways; juggling work life balance, preparing for exams, making long term career decisions, dealing with personal events or ill health to name just a few. Mentoring for Paediatricians And Trainees in Humberside and Yorkshire is a new scheme which aims to support paediatric trainees and help them feel more valued as individuals.

Since the advent of EWTD, we have lost some of the support and camaraderie that came with firm or ward based practice. It is now not uncommon to be working with different people every day and this can present challenges.

Evidence suggests that mentoring helps doctors feel valued, improves job satisfaction, enhances problem solving skills, increases sense of collegiality and is of particular benefit in times of transition.

What is M-PATHY all about?

As an M-PATHY mentee you will receive the support of a fully trained mentor. This is a long term relationship which expands beyond your clinical rotation. We hope that this continuity will provide you with a familiar face and useful guidance when transitioning to a new rotation.

Mentoring is not just about supporting training with difficulties. It is about making sure we value our trainees, see them as individuals and help them to reach their full potential.

We are always available if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions for the scheme. Please email us.

Joining M-PATHY

You can find out more details about our programme and our mentors at M-PATHY Members Area.

To ensure maximum confidentiality of mentors and mentees these pages have restricted access. If you are a prospective mentee or a mentor, wishing to join the programme, please e-mail us to gain access.