Workforce and Rota Workgroup

This workgroup has been created in adjunct to Workforce Steering Group and provides its views and assistance in solving existing staffing issues and participate in planning and management of rotas.

Currently it is running two projects.


Worforce Planning Project

This project is designed to find solutions for efficient covering of increasing number of gaps in LCH. Through a series of surveys and planned changes, our members are working with HR, medical deployment and senior management team.


Shift Swap Facilitation Projects

This rota-related project is tackling the increasingly difficult shift swap process under the new contract rules. Our members are working with medical deployment, HR and senior management team in order to find solutions to the obstacles our trainees face.


Both projects are always open to new members and offer and excellent opportunity to gain management and leadership experience. If you are interested in joining either of these projects or you have an idea for your own, please e-mail us.