Workforce Planning Project

The RCPCH stated in 2017 that “there is a serious shortfall in the paediatric workforce” and this year the GMC National Training Survey asked specific questions focusing on the impact of rota gaps for training. Locally, there are frequent paediatric rota gaps affecting all levels of trainees of which 70% are filled but 30% remain unfilled. This can have negative effect on patient experience, patient safety and trainee experience and training.

Therefore, JDF have started a project that involves working with the hospital's Workforce Steering Group to develop ways how we can reduce rota gaps and their effect at Leeds Children’s Hospitals. The next steps in this project are likely to involve: analysing data of the rota gaps over the last 2 years, exploring the options for diversifying the paediatric workforce and exploring how as trainees we can work more efficiently. It will also involve regular representation at the Workforce Steering Group meetings.

This JDF project is looking for interested trainees to help us improve this important issue in our training. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail us.