Morale and Retention Workgroup

This group is one of our largest workgroups addressing important issues of staff morale and retention of trainees in specialty training programmes.

Morale group addresses issues of socialising and improving staff cohesion and team spirit. At these times when our professional landscape is changing, we are trying to improve support and morale through our socials events.

Our socials are advertised through our social media accounts and in our News section. Currently, our main event is Leeds Children's Hospital Ball which will be taking place on 15th July 2017.


No less important is our mentoring scheme M-PATHY, providing support to our trainees within LCH. This project is underway and will aim to provide a well-rounded support to our staff. You can find our more about M-PATHY by clicking here.


Retention group has been formed to address the issue of paediatric training having perceived higher leaving rates and staffing problems across the region. Our group is working diligently in trying to address problems that could lead to this and consequently facilitate appropriate changes. An Exit Interview study is in its final stages and it is expected to give us more information on why have trainees left paediatrics as a career.