MRCPCH Preparation Courses


MRCPCH Preparation Courses

 JDF is very proud to announce the launch of MRCPCH written exam course revision sessions in April this year.  

The revision course runs on weekdays in April and is based on topics from the syllabi of the three written exams.

Part one A (Foundation of Practice (FOP)

Part one B (Theory and Science (TAS)

Part two Written (Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP)

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 15 topics will be covered:  

Public Health and Adolescence                                 

Cardiology Diabetes/Endocrine/Metabolic Emergencies           

Haematology Gastroenterology/Hepatology                                   

Neonatalogy Muscoloskeletal/Rheumatology/Dermatology         

Nephrology Infection/Immunology/Allergy                                  

Neurology Safeguarding/Palliative care Research                     

Respiratory EBM Science                                                              


The above topics and the dates that our keen consultants and registrars have offered are available on the Medical Education website.  

MRCPCH Revision Course is free of charge and is open to all the Yorkshire regional trainees.  

The MRCPCH Revision Course takes place on weekdays, normally from 5:30-7.00pm in the Paediatric Education Centre, Martin Wing, Leeds General Infirmary, Great George Street, Leeds, LS2 3EX.  

All trainees will need to download the app below to participate in the revision sessions.

Spread the word and tell your colleagues about this course



MRCPCH Paediatric Clinical Revision

JDF is proud to announce the next round of MRCPCH Revision Course sessions aimed at Paediatric trainees who are taking their MRCPCH Clinical Exams in June 2018. 

This round of MRCPCH Clinical Revision Sessions will be starting in April 2018. These are an hour long session from around 5 - 6pm on weekdays (excluding bank holidays).

You can now book onto these sessions online via the Medical Education Leeds Website

There is a limit of 5 trainees to each session but some sessions will be running more than once. You will not be able to book onto a session when the maximum number has been reached.

Consultants & Registrars are giving up their free time to teach you so please make every effort to attend the session you have signed up for. We understand that on occasion you may need to cancel a session that you have booked onto but please try to do this as early as possible to allow others to attend.

More sessions may be added as we hear back from more tutors so please keep an eye on the booking system and keep signing up to sessions

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Spread the word and tell your colleagues about this course.