Shift Swap Facilitation Project

This project started as trainees at an LCH JDF Open Forum raised concerns about difficulties swapping shifts for important life events and professional leave.

A group of trainees have worked with Medical Deployment staff to address these issues. In the short-term the group has established a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for taking important life or professional events. This SOP has been approved by the management for the entire Trust. There is now an escalation policy in case trainees cannot find swaps for their important life events or important professional events (ie exams, mandatory training that cannot be taken at an alternative dates etc.). The mid-term goal of the group is to define swapping recommendations that comply with the new contract.

By working with Medical Deployment we aim to find optimal arrangements to facilitate ease of shift swapping. Ultimately, long-term goals are to identify software or adjust the existing e-rostering system to identify potential swaps which would be compliant with the new junior doctors’ contract.

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Shift swap recommendation leaflets