Leeds Children’s Hospital Junior Doctors’ Forum (JDF) is a body consisting of enthusiastic junior doctors in Leeds Children’s Hospital (LCH). It was founded in February 2016 as an initiative supported by the Senior Management Team (SMT) to represent junior doctors in LCH and work on areas of improving training and working environment for junior doctors in the hospital.  We also aim to facilitate timely and transparent communication between all junior doctors and SMT and therefore aim to improve quality of care and patient safety across the hospital.

JDF has set following five objectives in its Terms of Reference as key activities we aim to achieve.

  1. Develop new and utilise existing training and educational opportunities for all junior doctors in LCH.
  2. Promoting LCH, the largest children’s hospital in the region, as a desirable centre for trainees, preparing them for their professional exams and future careers.
  3. Provide feedback and support to SMT in optimising junior doctors’ working environment, promoting safe service provision whilst maintaining desirable levels of training opportunities.
  4. Provide peer support and sense of community across all specialties in LCH.
  5. Engage and provide support in any areas of concern raised by junior doctors in LCH.

How does JDF work?

JDF is organised into a Steering Committee which meets regularly and decides on the directions of its actions. However, key part of JDF are its workgroups.

JDF Workgroups are defined by the needs and concerns raised by junior doctors themselves. These are defined for a six-month period (a junior doctor’s rotation), but often carry on past that. Workgroups tackle active issues within JDF’s objectives and try to deliver new and better solutions together with the management. You can learn more about individual JDF Workgroups on these pages.