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Basic Clinical Skills

  1. Leeds Basic Clinical Skills Refresher Course:
  • Basic Clinical Skills Refresher Course Material: Access to all course material and further reading recommendations. Specifically designed for response to Covid-19 to help cross-skill our workforce/meet redeployment needs. Available at SJUH and LGI.

Refresher course material includes: Oxygen management and delivery with a video, ABG and interpretation, Respiratory Simulation Case with CXRs, ReSPECT, Cannulation/Venepuncture and Reconstitution of Drugs and IV pumps. (LGI will not run the Respiratory simulation station)

Self directed procedural skills training cannulation/catheterisation/NG tubes/ABG etc  etc also available at both sites.

  • Click here to book onto the course at SJUH and/or for booking self directed procedural skills.
  • and here to book onto the course at LGI and/or for booking self directed procedural skills

Edit: From 7.4.20 the basic refresher course will be a self directed OSCE style circuit at SJUH and booking will now re-open on 6.4.20. The circuit at LGI will be facilitated by tutors and bookings remain open.

2. RRAPID: The Leeds University Online Interactive Resource to support recognition and management of an acutely unwell patient for medical students.

3. Access the Leeds Clinical Skills e-book for guides and videos on basic procedural skills (venepuncture, cannulation, blood cultures, NG tubes, urinary catheterisation)

  Covid-19 Specific Knowledge based Resources:

  1. EmCrit Care Covid-19 Page: For the General Medic. Free open access online resource written by John Farkas, Associate Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Vermont. Regularly updated every few days. Summary of clinical management and relevant research.
  2. UptoDate page on Covid-19: For the General Medic. Free access. No login required.
  3. Covid-19 for the General Medic: Blog article by Dr. Sean Ninan, Elderly Medicine Consultant at Leeds. A good clinical summary for the general medic.
  4. Royal College of Surgeons Webinar: For Surgeons. Essential knowledge for surgeons undertaking acute medical care (Covid-19)
  5. NHS England secondary care resources for coronavirus. For all Hospital Medics, find your specialty specific stuff here.
  6. JAMA network page on Covid-19: Podcasts, featured articles, interviews, clinical management and research summaries. For international topical updates.

Advanced Clinical Skills and Respiratory Management

1. Respiratory/Critical Care Webinars: 

Webinars on Respiratory management of severe Covid-19 disease hosted by Philips SRC APAC. Editorial summaries by Dr. Mark Elliot (Respiratory Consultant at SJUH and ex-President of the British Thoracic Society) availableTailored to all clinicians with short, practical advice on management and ventilation.

2. Webinars hosted by LGI Theatres and Anaesthesia – Prof Mark Bellamy. Slides for Blood Gases and Ventilator Settings.

3. Educational Resources from Higher Dependency Unit on the Acute Medical Floor in Leeds: CPAP for the non anaesthetist, Use of noradrenaline and arterial line monitoring.

  Important Health and Safety Guidelines

Public Health England & PPE

Resuscitation Guidelines 

  eMeds Training

For doctors needing a refresher on eMeds, please use digital learning solution platform. This can be accessed both on and off site using the internet.

Guide to using digital learning solutions here

Step 1.Register

Step 2. Choose Leeds Teaching Hospitals as your site

Step 3. Go to the Learning Portal. Click “available courses” and search for eMeds and select “eMeds for Prescribers”

If you are a consultant at LTHT and currently do not have prescribing rights on eMeds you need to complete training via this webpage and click the declaration. Your access will be updated in 24 hours.
Access an excellent step to step guide.

eDAN Training 

Similarly access Digital Learning Solutions

From “available courses” select “eMeds for Prescribers” and complete the 10th Module

There is no independent eDAN specific module on digital health solutions but has been integrated with eMeds.

This training can be supplemented with the document Quick guide for eDANs