IT Training

There are a few important training modules that you will need to complete. These can all be completed at home before you start and you can register and work through the modules on the link below

If you have any problems or have any queries please contact:

ppm+ is the engine delivering the LTHT electronic patient record, and will enable selected patient data to be shared safely across service providers both within the Trust and externally. Wards will utilise the engine to display inpatients on their eWhiteboard.

Bluespier includes eDAN (electronic Discharge Advice Notice) and is a discharge summary program used by wards to electronically outline and record an inpatient episode. This includes all medication administered during admission, prescriptions on discharge and documentation for the GP.

epro is the Trusts digital dictation system enabling clinicians to dictate letters and annotations directly into the system instead of the previous analogue devices. This can also be accessed through ppm+ provided you have access.

OrderComms (ICE) system is a paper-light IT system for requesting tests/examinations and viewing results. This can also be accessed by ppm+ provided you have access.

PatientCentre is an application to record, view and edit datain our archive of patients’ details. For example, you can admit/discharge/transfer (ADT) patients, update waiting lists and book appointments. ADT is vital to ensuring a ward’s eWiteboard is accurate and up to date.

eMeds (Medchart) is an electronic clinical system that is used to prescribe, validate and administer medication to patients. It has an integrated eDAN which replaces the Bluespier eDAN. eMeds has been implemented in some areas of LTHT. Everyone has access to a patient view of eMeds via ppm+, but to use eMeds you must complete the e-learning package ‘eMeds (Medchart) & ppm+ eDAN for prescribers’, which can be accessed through the Training Interface link.

To find out which wards are already live with eMeds, please go to the following link:

HEE Clinical Induction

There are a number of mandatory HEE Clinical E-Induction courses that you will need to complete on the HEE Clinical Learning website. These courses can be completed at home

These courses will need to be completed no later than 4 weeks after your start date and we will send you a reminder a couple of weeks before you are due to join the trust.

HEE will send you an email with your logins so that you can access the system.

These courses will need to be renewed every year or two, depending on the specific course


If you have any problems or questions, please contact:

ID Badges and Swipe Cards

You will receive your ID badge and swipe card at Trust induction. If for any reason you aren’t able to make it to Trust induction, please contact

You will need a valid ID badge to board the staff shuttle bus.

Rota Co-ordinators

Gen Surgery -HST Mohammed El-Hadad, FY1 Santhosh Jagadesh, Lead Clinician Julian Hance

Urology - Ramprakash Beekharry

Transplant Surgery - Nick Butler

Heptology - Vince Heslop

T&O -Rotas 147,148,149,150 William Chellam

Vascular Surgery - Rotas 14, 46, 55 Jonathan Desiqueira

Cardiac Surgery - Rota 57 Jose Paniagua (known as Rudolopho)

Adult Cardiology  - Chris Saunderson & Anshu Sepgupta

Medical Microbiology - Janine Carter

ENT - Rota 103 Deborah Silvester & Rota 104 Rishi Sirvastava

Oral Max Fax - Rota 112 Chris Mannion & Rota 113 Ojas Krishnan

GUM - Debbie Good

Clinical Genetics - Not appointed

A&E - Tina Suryavansi

Renal - Richard Hoefield & Liz Garthwaite

Radiology - Hannah Lambie, Sophie Swinson, Helen Cliffe, Rachel Price, John Ferrier, Dave Saunders

Ophthalmology - Danny Wignall & Dr Mokete

O&G - Hlupe Chipeta, Jayne Shillito, Playne Ebai, Suhair Ibraheem, Maddy Crow, Rosie Shopland, Emma Blatherwick

Histopathology - Jo An Roulson & Kerry Turner

Acute/Elderly/General Medicine - Yvonne Sherrard & Steve Parke

Respiratory - Kirsty Hambleton

Gastroenterology - Jack Kane (Sampath Kumar from September), Jodie Bellwood & Tamara Jarbawai



Rota’s 134a Junior Reg, 134b Senior Reg, 134c SHO ( ICU SJUH) Duncan Tarry

Rota’s 139 Senior Reg, 140 Paeds, 137 Neuro ICU, 138 General ICU, 151 Obs, 144 Cardiac ICU (ALL LGI) - Owen Boyle

Rota’s 131 Theatres 1, 133 Theatres 2 , 151 Obs (SJUH) - Ibrahim Mohamed


Neurosurgery - Christopher Akhunbay-Fudge, Dr Soumya Mukherjee

Neurology & stroke - Lucy Hicken

Neurology - Priya Shanmugarajah

Plastics - Ricky Wade & Ash Magdum

Rheumatology - Laura Hunt

Dermatology 32 - Katherine Warburton

CAH 145 - Sarah Pearson


Leeds Childrens Hospital

Paed Cardiology - Grazia Delle Donne

Paed Specialities LST - Henna Tan

Paed Specialities HST - no-one and I’m still waiting for the department to confirm

Paed Med FY and LST - Charlotte Higgs and Olivia Parker

Paed Med HST  - Bob Basu and Alex Tattersall

PICU - Ramesh Kumar

Paed Surgery LST - Liz O’Connor

Paed Surgery HST - ian Sugarman

Neonates LST - Jo Hemingway

Neonates HST - Amy Young and Nicola Holme


Clinical Oncology 30 - Tanzeel Janjua / Keren O’Connor

Medical Oncology 22 - Alison Young

Haematology 21 - Mary Owen

Thoracics 58 - Nikoalos Kostoulas

Occupational Health 50 - Anna Rowan/ Andrea Hildred

Palliative Med - Melanie Nightingale, Lynne Russon, Suzanne Kite,  Susan Picton, Helen Livingstone, Carina Saxby

Shift Swapping and Rota Management

Junior doctor rotas will be managed through the trust e-rostering system. The Medical Deployment team will be responsible for managing and monitoring shift swaps, annual & study leave, sickness & absence and rota gaps in conjunction with local specialty rota co-ordinations.

If you need to get in touch with them, they can be contacted at:


They also provide 1:1 training for Rota Co-ordinators to use Healthroster and junior doctors to use Employee Online. Alternatively you can access the training video by clicking on this link

Face to Face

On behalf of Medical Education Leeds may we welcome you to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. You should by now have received or will be receiving information from Medical Staffing with details of your posting and all the necessary documents you will need to complete for pre-employment checks.

As a trainee starting with the Trust you are required to attend the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Doctors Mandatory Induction which will include a face to face with a senior leader within the Trust.