Here in Leeds we currently have 73 Specialty & Associated Specialist (SAS) Doctors and 59 Trust Doctors - making up a significant amount of the medical workforce. Traditionally seen as the dependable and vital backbone of service provision within the NHS, we’re a diverse group and between us have a rich source of knowledge and experience to offer - and as such we each have our own personal and professional development needs. That’s why here in Leeds the Trust is passionate about supporting SAS and Trust doctors to access professional development opportunities and ultimately provide better patient care.

To help with this, we’ve developed this webpage to direct you to areas of support and help you access the various opportunities available here at the Trust.

SAS Bursary

All SAS doctors have access to our LTHT SAS bursary. This provides opportunities to apply for courses and access CPD/training. If you are interested in applying for a bursary please complete the form below and forward to Laura Brown (

Download the SAS bursary form here

SAS Courses

We are in the process of confirming more dates for some exciting new courses.

To see the full list of live courses follow this link


Dr Anna Winfield - SAS Tutor - Contact:

Laura Brown - SAS Administrator - Contact:

Patient Centred

Working together for patients, respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, compassion and improving lives.


Support is here for any trainee whose behaviours are influenced by numerous factors. i.e. clinical performances, sickness, life events, environmental issues.


The aim of the PSU is to support trainees, educators and other colleagues, working collaboratively to maintain patient safety whilst ensuring that doctors receive the support they need to overcome any issues and achieve successful completion of training. 


Providing a faculty with clear structure for identifying and addressing issues, giving trainees access to a team of experts who can deal with specific areas. 


Whether in difficulty or not, LTHT wants to empower our trainees to become great providers of health care.