Life is not straightforward and things can happen both inside and outside work which have an impact on your employment and training.  These can range from health issues, family matters, training issues eg struggling with exams, or simply feeling overwhelmed by workload and work life imbalance.

LTHT provides Professional Support for junior doctors and their trainers.  We believe that early intervention is essential to prevent a small concern soon becoming a complex problem. It isn’t uncommon for a trainee to face personal or professional difficulties which may impact their training meaning they require additional support.

Trainers and supervisors can refer a trainee for Professional Support  when concerns have been identified through supervision and monitoring. Along with this, trainees can also self-refer or pick up the phone to discuss any concerns they may have. The PSU team is made up of medics and non-medics who are experienced in working with post graduate trainees.

If you need professional support contact - or 0113 2066182

Patient Centred

Working together for patients, respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, compassion and improving lives.


Support is here for any trainee whose behaviours are influenced by numerous factors. i.e. clinical performances, sickness, life events, environmental issues.


The aim of the PSU is to support trainees, educators and other colleagues, working collaboratively to maintain patient safety whilst ensuring that doctors receive the support they need to overcome any issues and achieve successful completion of training. 


Providing a faculty with clear structure for identifying and addressing issues, giving trainees access to a team of experts who can deal with specific areas. 


Whether in difficulty or not, LTHT wants to empower our trainees to become great providers of health care.