Virtual Oncology Teaching: Undergraduate Medical Students

Undergraduate Medical Students

A. Big 4 Cancer Videos

20-30 minute lectures giving an overview of each of the Big 4 cancers in the UK.

Video Prostate Cancer

Video Lung Cancer

Video Breast Cancer

Video Colon Cancer

B. Additional Videos:

Video  Oncological emergencies 

30 minute video lecture with embedded activities. Covers Neutropenic Sepsis, Hypercalcemia of malignancy, Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression and Superior Vena Cava Obstruction. Please start with a pen and blank piece of paper.

Video An introduction to Radiotherapy. 

A 38 minute video lecture and True/False Quiz. Radiotherapy will finally start to make sense! Also available are links to a walking tour following a patient’s journey in the Radiotherapy department and a video of a adult patient having a face mask made. 

Video  Virtual Experience of a Radiotherapy Treatment Room

Experience how a head and neck radiotherapy plan is delivered in a treatment room in virtual reality 

Video  Preparation of Chemotherapy in Aseptics

Aseptics is a department within Pharmacy. (3 minute video)

C. E-Learning

MDT Case Studies

(If you do not have a password for Mel-learn you can access the learning via Guest access.)

This E-learning takes you through a mock Head and Neck MDT. 5 cases with short videos of team discussions and cross sectional imaging. Curated learning points with each case and multiple choice questions to assess your learning. 

D. Clinical Skills

Videos  Playlist of videos on basic and advanced clinical skills : from cannulation/catheterisation & ABGs to central line placement/arterial line placement.

E. Palliative Care 

Padlet page with resources on palliative care. Access bite sized presentations and short podcasts on symptom control.