Founding members/Team Leaders

Emma Drydon

I am an Elderly and GIM ST7 at LTHT and the new Chief Registrar taking over from Katy. I will be chairing the JDB and very much looking forward to working with the team to continue the great work of the JDB.

Alex Paes

I am a paediatric registrar, taking a year out of training to be a Clinical Leadership Fellow. My CLF year will involve projects in medical education and improving working lives.  I am involved in work both with the JDB and in the Leeds Children’s Hospital Junior Doctor Forum (JDF).  For more info on the JDF: Bodies ran by junior doctors that represent our own needs have so much potential to improve our working lives and patient care.  I’m very excited to be involved in the JDB, and look forward to sharing ideas between the JDF and JDB.

Katy Islip

I’m ST7 in Acute Medicine here at LTHT, and took over from Marissa Minns as Chief Registrar in August 2017. I chaired the JDB meetings for a year as Chief Registrar and in doing so, met some truly lovely and enthusiastic people, as well as having helped co-ordinate and lead some really worthwhile projects. I can’t recommend the JDB highly enough – for everything it stands for.

Jo Corrado

Jo was a Clinical Leadership Fellow working on QI projects within LTHT, also helping to run the JDB. She has now started as a Rehabilitation Medicine registrar.

Marissa Minns


Marissa is now a stroke and elderly medicine consultant here in Leeds. This is what she said about the JDB: “due to an interest in medical leadership, I took up the post of Chief registrar in LTHT in 2016. For most of you who won’t have heard of this, it is a Royal College of Physicians post arising from the Future Hospitals commission. It is a new senior role aimed at prioritising the co-ordination of acute medical care and improving links between junior doctors and senior management.  Our trust was one of the first in the country to appoint a chief registrar which I feel represents how forward thinking we are at LTHT. I chaired the JDB meetings and the Grand round during my year and I am now handing this over to Katy but remain involved with the JDB and medical education within LTHT.”

Sean Ninan


Sean is now an elderly care consultant here in Leeds, and this is what he said about the JDB: “I am a geriatric medicine registrar, and I set up the JDB whilst out of programme as a clinical leadership fellow. I want Leeds Teaching Hospitals to look after their trainees and make their time here as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible. Some of the frustrations of junior doctor may be outside a hospital’s control, but others are not. In my year as a clinical leadership fellow, I found that there were many opportunities to learn about management and quality improvement that would help trainees develop as doctors and feel more a part of the trust and I feel that these should be made available to as many trainees as possible. I have now returned to clinical work but remain involved in the JDB and our projects.”


Sarah Drake


Sarah has now returned to clinical training, but this is what she said of the JDB: “I am a ST4 in Microbiology and was the JDB Pathology CSU member until October 2016. I am pleased to now be helping run the JDB and continue to work on my interests in Antimicrobial Stewardship and improving the frequency and quality of antimicrobial day 3 reviews. I joined the Junior Doctor Body to gain management and leadership experience and am now undertaking an out of programme year as a clinical leadership fellow. As part of the Junior Doctor Body I am interested in getting involved in the Professional Support Unit that the Trust are planning to set up.”


Our Members

Tier 1 and 2 Trainees

Haytham Hendow

Haytham is one of our FY1 doctors and has done work on the Hospital at Night plan for the LGI.

Felicia Tan

Felicia is a CT1 starting in Acute Medicine.

Jessica Morgan

Jessica is a CT trainee starting in a Acute Medicine, rotating into neurology and gastroenterology over the coming year.

Sarah Al-Shakhshir

Sarah is a CT trainee starting in Cardiology.

Carmen Hew

Carmen is a CMT trainee starting in Geriatrics.


Abdominal Medicine and Surgery

We need you!


Emergency and Specialty Medicine

Ashley Wood

Ashley is a trainee in Elderly Medicine.


Accident and Emergency Medicine

Ian Bullock

Angad Sethi

Katy Tran – Katy will be re-joining us in April.



Owen Bebb

I am a cardiology trainee who specialises in imaging and have just entered my final year.
I got involved with the junior body as I believe it can improve experiences both for patients and staff. I am in the process of writing up my MD which focused on how we measure the quality of care provided to patients after a heart attack. My current focus is on promoting positive reinforcement for staff through the Bee Positive scheme as I firmly believe that the great work that goes on in Leeds should be shared.

For more information on Bee positive see:


Adult Critical Care

Richard Gould

James Morgan

James is currently an ST7 in Intensive care medicine and anaesthesia, his first degree was in Behavioural Science and he then worked for two years in sports marketing gaining valuable experience in before graduating from the accelerated program at Newcastle.  He starts an Advanced ICU year at LTHT in February which will be a great opportunity to contribute to objectively demonstrated improvement in quality, safety and patient experience at the Trust.


Theatres and Anaesthesia

Mike Carrick

Mike joined in 2016 and has been helping us with the development of our App for junior doctors at LTHT by writing the content for anaesthetics. He is also juggling the world of twins at the present time!


Chapel Allerton Hospital

Heather Whitehouse


Head and Neck

Miran Pankhania

(on the right!)

Miran is a final-year higher surgical trainee in ENT surgery, having completed basic surgical training in the Oxford and West Midlands regions including in Plastics and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He was previously an Anatomy Demonstrator on the East Midlands Academic Foundation Programme. He has published extensively throughout his training.

He has been involved with the BMA at a regional level and has previously served as the Treasurer and Young Consultants representative of the Association of Otolaryngologists in Training, having organised their national conference in 2016.

Miran is also a season ticket holding Manchester United fan and also has an interest in real ale, whisky, and photography.



Soumya Mukherjee

Louise Saukila


Leeds Cancer Centre

Shefali Parikh

Chris Williams



Andreana Pinkney



Thomas Brownlee

Not a relative of the triathlete brothers, but no less impressive! Tom represents the pathology CSU.

Hannah Hawrot

Hannah is a ST2 histopathology trainee.



David Saunders


Dave has now left the JDB to become a consultant here at Leeds, but this is what he said of the JDB: “I am an ST3 in radiology, currently undergoing sub-specialty training in diagnostic neuroradiology.  Prior to this I completed basic surgical training and a couple of years as a research vascular surgical registrar.

My main interest lies with teaching, but over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in management and the concept of quality improvement.

My aim through my role with the JDB is to combine those interests and be a part of creating a greater post-graduate mentoring platform whilst also improving my own knowledge and skill base for on-going QI projects within my own directorate.”


Trauma and Related Services

James Allen

Mayank Kumar

Emma Macinnes


Women’s Services

Rachel Pennington