QI opportunities

We would like to encourage anyone with a QI project idea no matter how small and in whatever area to come along to one of our meetings to discuss it and share ideas. Please email leedsth-tr.JDB@nhs.net if you would like further information.

There are a number of large scale quality improvement projects taking place at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. These have, in the past, included:

• Reducing inpatient falls
• Reducing cardiac arrest calls
• Reducing pressure ulcers
• Reducing harm from Acute Kidney Injury – andrew.lewington@nhs.net
• Reducing harm from sepsis – stuart.nuttall@nhs.net
• Scale up and spread of safety huddles

If you are interested in participating in a trustwide project, please contact the named person above or anna.winfield@nhs.net

In addition, you may have your own ideas for quality improvement projects. It is worth spending some time learning about the basics of quality improvement, if your experience is limited, then the links on the further resources page may be of interest. If you would like some further advice on how to get started with quality improvement, or have questions then please contact anna.winfield@nhs.net or a.cracknell@nhs.net.

We are keen to support handover of QI projects between rotating trainees, if you have a project you think should be continued, at whatever stage, we can support you in finding an interested person to take on the project.

The trust runs regular QI fora that trainees can attend. These are held at lunchtime and offer the following opportunities:

  • Present your quality improvement project
  • Learn from other examples of quality improvement projects
  • Network with like-minded quality improvement enthusiasts
  • Troubleshoot problems that may arise when you undertake quality improvement projects.

There is a trustwide forum that takes place approximately every two months. When the next date is set, we will announce it here.

There is also a Children’s QI forum

For more details of either forum, contact Anna.Winfield@nhs.net