Management and other opportunities

One aim of the JDB is to highlight opportunities available to trainees within LTHT.

How can you get involved/contribute to LTHT?

There are several groups within the trust that would welcome junior doctor involvement. These are broadly outlined below:

Trainee Audit Leads: We are currently looking for junior doctor audit leads for each specialty to help co-ordinate audit activities within each specialty and join the quarterly clinical audit and learning forum. For more details, please contact your audit lead or

Mortality Improvement Group: This is a trust-wide group that oversees issues relating to mortality in the trust, particularly reducing avoidable mortality, reviewing mortality data, reviewing learning generated from local mortality review and ensuring consistent and effective mortality review processes. The trust has piloted the use of the structured case note review, a tool for reviewing mortality which will soon be implemented nationally.

Lessons Learnt Group: This is a group that reviews methods for sharing lessons from patient experience (complaints, PALS) and risk management (incidents, near misses/good catches, negligence claims and coroner’s conclusions). They produce a regular learning points bulletin.

Clinical Guidelines Group: This group review all clinical guidelines for readability, usability and accuracy. The viewpoint of trainees in reviewing guidelines is very helpful as many of these guidelines will be aimed at trainees. Junior doctors are welcome to join this group to review guidelines. As a reviewer you would be emailed new guidelines and asked for feedback. Please email and to express interest.








Patient Experience Group: This is a recently formed group that aims to improve frontline teams’ knowledge and awareness of incidents and feedback from patients. It is comprised of people involved in improving patient experience, patient safety and the risk team. This group meets quarterly and is currently looking for Junior doctor representation – please email if you are interested.

Medicines Optimisation Group: We have all had to alter our practice at times following the medicines information bulletins we receive but if you would like to learn more about this workstream or how you can get involved please email Dr Stephen Dean, Consultant in Critical care and associate medical director for medicines optimisation on

Clinical Ethics Committee: The trust has a clinical ethics committee and is looking for interested registrars from any speciality to become involved – if you would like to know more (no qualifications needed!) please email Dr Sadia Ismail, consultant geriatrician on

If you are interested in any of the groups above and there isn’t an email address next to them, please contact