International Medical Graduates

Leeds International Medical Graduate Peer Mentor Programme

At Leeds Teaching Hospitals, we are proud to welcome international medical graduates.

21.3% of non-consultant doctors currently working in LTHT (as of November 2019) self-identify as non-British in Nationality. Collectively, this diverse group of doctors represents 60 countries.

International Medical Graduates join the Trust through various pathways including The CPSP scheme (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan), Medical Training Initiative scheme (MTI), direct employment by departments, and as trainees via Health Education England recruitment(HEE).

We recognise that for an individual moving to a new country and working in a new healthcare system such as at the National Health Service, is an exciting but difficult process. This often involves significant personal sacrifice, financial strains, living away from friends and family and challenges of adapting to a different culture. It requires navigating complex new systems in the workplace and outside, such as housing and schooling.

The transition can be lonely, challenging and confusing. Nevertheless, it’s also an opportunity for great personal and professional growth, for developing global connections and exchanging experiences.

We would like to offer an IMG Peer Mentor Programme to help make this process easier for doctors new to working in the N.H.S. This programme will link an IMG with another doctor from their country (or region) who is working in Leeds and has previously made a similar journey as an international graduate. The experiences and practical know-how of peer-mentors will help support international doctors settle into living in Leeds and working in the NHS.

If you are interested in signing up to this programme as either a mentee or a mentor – please fill in our online form below and you will be matched.

(please note matching depends on the number of people who sign up. Hopefully we will have more mentors than mentees – that’s a good thing! But it means some mentors will not be matched immediately)


To establish contact with the mentee within one week of matching via email.
To be willing to exchange phone numbers with mentee for access.
To complete the mentoring agreement with you mentee.
To meet face to face on at least one occasion and provide further support via further face to face meetings or online meetings.
To agree on frequency and duration of meetings with mentee.
The typical duration of the mentoring scheme will be 4 months with an option to extend to 6 months on the joint agreement of mentor-mentee.
No blame divorce: If for any reason they are no longer able to continue mentoring, to kindly communicate to the central team. This is a voluntary role and you will be relieved of the responsibility.


An allocated mentor will make initial contact via email.
To meet with your allocated mentor and complete the mentoring agreement.
To agree on frequency and duration of mentoring.
To understand that the agenda or topics of discussion will the responsibility of the mentee.
No blame divorce: To communicate with the central team if intending to withdraw from the mentorship scheme or to request for a change in mentor.


Sign up as a MENTOR                                     Sign up as a MENTEE



We will create a closed Facebook group for mentors and mentees that they can voluntarily join – so if you’re stuck with a specific technical problem, hopefully the group can help. If there is interesting news that would be relevant to others, this would be a good forum to share it on.  It is not appropriate to break confidentiality and share information about your mentees/mentors on this group though.



If you haven’t mentored before – that’s okay. The main qualifications needed are to be a good listener and to care about your mentee. E-learning of healthcare has a really good resource on medical mentoring with lots of tips.

Furthermore, we’re looking to organise formal 1 day mentorship training for those you volunteer to help you up skill. 


1. Closed Facebook group: International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in the UK (Dr. Naseer Khan). Excellent online community and forum to ask questions about literally anything – job searches, neighbour dispute, visa questions etc. Send a request to join – the response is usually very quick.

2.  Online Induction for International Doctors to the UK. Excellent practical modules going through everything from career pathways, what is expected of a ‘good junior doctor’, etiquette of language & personal space, to drug charts & death certificates. You need to sign up with you GMC number to enrol for FREE.

3.  Website set up by IMG trainees from the Philippines. Excellent blog posts and infographics about how to get a training job in the U.K. and for career progression advice. Targeted at ST1 or Core training level.

4. Wesbite set up by IMGs from Bangladesh who are now working as IMTrainees in the UK.

Sign up to access the site (it’s free) and has a wealth of information from training pathways to practical tips for life in the UK, e.g. opening a bank account.

Any more questions?  Get in touch with or