FY/IM Trainees and PAs : Virtual Oncology and Palliative Care Teaching

FY/Internal Medicine Trainees and Physician Associates : Virtual Oncology and Palliative Care Teaching

Facebook Group Facebook group with bite sized learning videos on topics relevant to daily care of Oncology patients on wards. Or search : “Leeds Oncology Teaching” on facebook. All videos can be accessed quickly via the ‘Video” tab on the left. The videos of the Mini Chalk Talks are supplemented by the handouts below.

 Schemas  Specially designed Mini Chalk Talk schemas by Oncology Registrars for rapid revision on common topics 

Acute Oncology:

Principles of how some Oncology drugs work:

Palliative Care:

Padlet Welcome to Oncology! Access the padlet page with practical details on rotations, clinics, rest rooms, rostering information and socials to help get you acquainted with the rotation. (Password available from the department)


Palliative Care 

Padlet page with resources on palliative care. Access bite sized presentations and short podcasts on symptom control.