Leeds Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy

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Based in Beckett Wing (J32) at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy (LIMIT) specialises in the delivery of surgical education and is equipped with a diverse range of facilities and equipment to deliver short practical sessions or full-day specialist conferences requiring practical sessions, lectures and breakout areas. LIMIT’s self-contained centre offers the following state of the art facilities:

  • Laparoscopic skills lab
  • wet/dry lab
  • 40 seat conference room
  • simulated operating theatre
  • SimMan®
  • SimMan® 3G
  • Simbionix Lap Mentor
  • Simbionix GI-BRONCH Mentor
  • Mediphor Trans Vaginal Scan Trainer
  • Variety of bench top simulators

Further information on our clinical skills and simulation service can be found here.