Congenital heart disorder in which the heart is located in the right of the thorax with the apex pointing to the right. Only occurs in 0.01% births and is more common in males. Dextrocardia can be associated with cardiac defects (ASD, VSD) or certain syndromes (kartageners syndrome), and can occur as part of situs inversus (complete opposite position of all abdominal and thoracic organs)


Kartageners syndrome: Triad of ciliary dyskinesia, sinusitis, infertility and situs inversis



  • Apex beat felt on the right
  • Heart sounds louder on the right
  • Examine lungs for bronchiectasis (kartageners)
  • Palpate and percuss out the liver on the right if not present repeat on the left looking for situs inversus.



Written by Dr Thomas Craven


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