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A warm welcome…

We’re welcoming our new intake of Foundation Year 1 doctors to Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust today. For the next few days, the doctors will be taking part in a comprehensive induction programme before beginning work on our wards next week.

When doctors start working at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, it’s important we tell them what to expect from us, what we expect of them and inform them of all relevant information relating to their professional development. Our Foundation induction is specifically tailored to introduce and orientate our new junior doctors to working and continuing their training within the Trust – becoming an integral part of a multi-professional team to deliver truly patient-centred care.

Today, the first day of the four day induction, will introduce our new intake to the everyday working essentials to working in the Trust. The day will start with a personal welcome from key individuals who will support them during their first year of their career, including a warm welcome from our Chief Medical Officer, Yvette Oade.

Complimenting these welcome talks, our new junior doctors will be introduced to working in clinical areas throughout the Trust and take part in a freeze frame simulation in the Clinical Practice Centre’s dedicated training ward. This simulation helps familiarise the junior doctors with the workings of a ward at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and prepares them to manage a group of inpatients. The freeze frame scenario sees our new doctors take part in 12 tasks, with the simulation being paused at regular intervals to capture learning opportunities and discuss the scenario as a group.

This is an exciting time to be a junior doctor at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. In addition to being the local hospital for the people of Leeds, the Trust also provides high-quality, specialist services for people in the city, the region, the UK and beyond. It is also renowned for its world-class research and innovation.

To facilitate innovation and learning Medical Education Leeds is developing a bespoke website for our Foundation Doctors to bring together the wealth of training and opportunities available to doctors at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. The site aims to provide junior doctors with a range of resources and tools to support them throughout their time here at the Trust and we hope to develop this for further generations of foundation doctors, starting with our new intake. This site is currently in its infancy, but we’re hoping to see it grow and develop over the coming weeks and months as our next generation of doctors continue with their training and explore their profession. To get involved with this development, please contact: Claire Adams.