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In collaboration with the Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Medical Education Leeds is today running the RAMPPS course at the Clinical Practice Centre at St James’s University Hospital.

Using simulation in medical training is at the heart of our work in Medical Education Leeds and the RAMPPS course we’re running today showcases how simulation can work within all specialities.

What is RAMPPS?

RAMPPS stands for “Recognising & Assessing Medical Problems in Psychiatric Settings”.

This is a one day course that allows multidisciplinary teams to practice their handling of physically unwell patients in a safe and controlled environment. The course revolves around a number of constructed scenarios involving the use of manikins and/or simulated patients and sees candidates pulling together in their assessment and care of the patient. In reality many members of a team will work to care for a patient who is unwell in a mental health setting and RAMPPS therefore emphasises the importance of team working, communication, mutual respect and collaborative integration of care.

Today’s re-launch of the RAMPPS course at Leeds Teaching Hospitals has been an insightful experience into how simulation can enhance learning in the workplace and we would like to thank everyone who has been involved in making this a success.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the simulation opportunities we offer, please contact Jo Johnson.