When doctors start working at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, it’s important we tell them what to expect from us, what we expect of them and inform them of all relevant information relating to their professional development. Our inductions happen on the first Monday of each month, with the exception of February and August when they take place on the first Wednesday of the month.

All new doctors at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust start with a face to face induction, where they receive a personal welcome by the Director of Medical Education and are told about the everyday working essentials to working in the Trust.

Our next Junior Doctor Trust Induction will be:

Monday 2nd October 2017 at The Leeds General Infirmary.

Complementing the face to face induction, here at Leeds Teaching Hospitals we also require all new trainees to complete various mandatory training modules. We recommend that you complete the following eLearning packages prior to your start date:

  • Regional Clinical e-Induction

eLearning modules specific to Leeds Teaching Hospitals:

  • eDan (electronic Discharge Advice Note)
  • epro (digital dictation software)
  • Order Comms (paper light systems for requesting tests/examinations
  • PPM + (electronic patient record system)
  • Naso Gastric Tube Insertion

On completion, our IT Training Services at the Trust will issue you with the appropriate login details for these electronic systems - these will be sent to your new NHS email account, which will be provided to you at Induction.

How to access your eLearning modules:

The Regional Clinical e-Induction

To access the Regional Clinical e-Induction you should have received an e-mail with login details to the new clinical learning platform for the region. This e-mail contains a link to register and activate your account. On successful registration you will be automatically provided with access to the following modules on the Clinical Learning platform:

  • e-Induction for Doctors
  • Local Trust Induction
  • Information Governance

For instructions on using the platform view the Getting Started Guide.

Please note, if you completed the e-induction for Doctors course in 2015, you will not be required to complete it again until 2017. However, you will still need to complete the local trust induction for the trust you are rotating into and the Information Governance course. 

eLearning modules specific to Leeds Teaching Hospitals

The eLearning modules specific to Leeds Teaching Hospitals can be accessed via the Training Interface:

To access all the relevant eLearning modules on the Training Interface, you will need to register as a Junior Doctor via this link: Alternatively, click on the registration button on the Training Interface homepage and ensure you click on the ‘Junior Doctors click here to register ’ link.

Please ensure you complete all of the fields on the registration form. We recommend using the email address this letter has been sent to and please note that your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain one or more uppercase characters, one or more lowercase characters, one or more numbers and one or more of the following special characters !#*%$.

On successful registration, you will be prompted to login using your email as your username.

Please note that the system will be down each day between 4:00am - 5:00am. 

If you have any queries about the induction process, including if you have not yet received any induction information, contact our administration lead Taaha Kazi.

Junior Doctor Contract Implementation

As you may be aware, following national negotiations, the new contract of employment for junior doctors is being implemented from this Autumn. The initial implementation phase at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust starts on 7th December 2016 – seeing all Foundation Year 1 (FY1) doctors and Foundation Year 2 (FY2) doctors who support a FY1 rota transferring to the new contract and associated terms and conditions.

We have recently appointed two Guardians of Safe Working Hours, Dr Ros Roden and Dr Mark Wright whose job it is to ensure that our rotas are compliant with the new contract, especially around ensuring safe working hours and maintaining access to education and training for trainees.

Supporting the work of the Guardians of Safe Working Hours and accompanying the implementation of the new contract, a new process of exception reporting will also be introduced on 7th December via the Doctors Rostering System (DRS) – the electronic system for exception reporting.  Further information and guidance on the new processes for junior doctors, educational and clinical supervisors at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust can be found below:

Terms and Conditions

The 2016 Terms and Conditions of Service roles and responsibilities

The 2016 contract for doctors in training – Guidance on managing exception reports

Factsheet for Educational Supervisors

Exception Report Flow Chart: Training Issues

Exception Report Flow Chart: Safe working practices

DRS System Overview – Junior Doctor

DRS System Overview – Educational & Clinical Supervisors

Guardians of Safe Working Video

NHS employees website

Details of the next transition phase will be communicated shortly, in the meantime, colleagues who have any queries regarding the new contract or exception reporting process are encouraged to contact